Please Remember S.O.S. happy Passengers is not a charity run organisation. If you as an operator answer the call for help you will need to cover your fuel costs, driver’s wages and any additional expenses. Please remember that your company could be in this situation one day and may need this service yourself

S.O.S Happy Passengers

Picture this: broken down and stuck in a coach park in a small town for 6 hours on a bank holiday weekend with lots of angry passengers and a frustrated tour guide. Two hours later the repair people turned up and 30 minutes after that, we are told they cannot fix our coach until the next day as it needs a replacement part. Another hour wasted telephoning around unsuccessfully trying to find a replacement coach. Then to top it all we had to wait for two and a half hours for a coach to come from our own company. S.O.S. Happy Passengers (the idea) was formed.

S.O.S. Happy Passengers is not designed to rescue broken down coaches, only to get the passengers moving on to their destinations as quickly as possible. We are sure you will agree that the passengers are the most important part of your business and keeping them, the organisers and holiday companies happy is very important.

We are building a network of Coach operators and Mini-bus operators from all over the UK and Europe to become members of our S.O.S. Happy Passengers network.It is free to register and join our network of S.O.S. Happy Passengers operators. It is also free to answer the call for rescue.

Our system is simple but efficient: If a coach has broken down away from base either in the UK or Europe, the coach operator can click on our S.O.S. button and will be taken directly to the place to set events in motion.

There are a few simple questions, Location of coach etc. The operator can then create the S.O.S. and within minutes all operators registered as S.O.S. Happy Passengers on our database in a radius of 20 miles of the stranded vehicle are notified by SMS of the situation. If there is a coach and driver available, then operators can reply immediately

One Stop Coach Solutions is also alerted, and we will monitor the situation. If a coach is not found within thirty minutes, we will search further afield on the operator’s behalf.

One Stop Coach Solutions do incur charges for any S.O.S. created by operators. Therefore, any operator broken down and requesting help, will need a minimum paid membership to create an S.O.S. Operators will be allowed to create 2 x S.O.S. per month, (subject to change).

Any further breakdowns will be charged at the monthly membership rate.