70/30 Empty Legs

Stuck in traffic on the M25 for nearly 3 hours, travelling empty from the North to Dover, to pick up passengers, lots of dead miles, what a wasted journey! Why could they not get a coach from that area? The same problem, empty one way. 70/30 Empty Legs (the idea) was formed.

Many bookings require coaches to travel to or from pick-ups and destinations empty. Whilst these vehicles are travelling empty (70/30 Empty Legs) allows you access to jobs from other companies or from customers directly.

If you are sending a coach from Southampton to Edinburgh and travelling empty in either direction, you may find a job going from Oxford to Manchester or vice versa you could take advantage of your empty leg benefitting both companies financially. The operator posting the job could earn 30% and the operator doing the job could earn 70% which will leave a coach and driver free, this will allow an operator to take on other work.

Fuel costs and maybe even a hotel for your driver could be covered with this arrangement. It is up to the individual operators to agree the final price, because as an operator you will know approximately the costs of the job involved.

One 70/30 Empty Legs job could even pay your membership fee once free membership ends.