About Us

One Stop Coach Solutions

We created One Stop Coach Solutions believing that your passengers are the most important part of the coaching industry.

Picture this: broken down and stuck in a coach park in a small town for 6 hours on a bank holiday weekend with lots of angry passengers and a frustrated tour guide. Two hours later the repair people turned up and 30 minutes after that, we are told they cannot fix our coach until the next day as it needs a replacement part. Another hour wasted telephoning around unsuccessfully trying to find a replacement coach. Then to top it all we had to wait for two and a half hours for a coach to come from our own company. S.O.S. Happy Passengers (the idea) was formed.

Stuck in traffic on the M25 for nearly 3 hours, travelling empty from the North to Dover, to pick up passengers, lots of dead miles, what a wasted journey! Why could they not get a coach from that area? The same problem, empty one way. 70/30 Empty Legs (the idea) was formed.

Most of the features on here were formed from experience.

We have learned a lot during our years of driving and we have some time saving, energy saving, and money saving ideas.

S.O.S. Happy Passengers. If you have broken down, we may be able to help by putting you in contact with companies, that have signed up as S.O.S. Happy Passengers rescue operators.

Our S.O.S. Happy Passengers rescue operators, based in the area you have broken down, may help you, to get your customers to their destination as quickly and as safely as possible, without any fuss.

70/30 Empty Legs. With this feature two coach companies can earn money and help the environment by cutting down on emissions and saving fuel.

Bid-A-Job. Exactly what it implies, coach operators, private organisations and even the public can place jobs on this part of our site and other operators can put in a bid for the job.

Travellin' Light?
If you know in advance where and when you will be going or returning empty, then let other operators know.
You may find an extra job.

We operate on a low-cost membership with no extra hidden charges, (we also have our Free membership option). So, once you join as a paid member you will have full access to our site. This service will operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will be regularly monitored.

We may need to add VAT at a later date, but until that time comes, your membership will not increase until 2021.

Once you have registered with One Stop Coach Solutions, we may be able to help put you in contact with other subscribers to our service.